Local vacuum magnetophototherapy device “AndroSPOK” is an effective device used as part of complex non-surgical treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

Local vacuum magnetophototherapy device “AndroSPOK” is an effective device used as part of treatment and prevention of chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation (manufacturer: “Magnomed” ALC, Republic of Belarus).

The Androspok magnetophotobaroteraphy apparatus configuration (scheme)

The Androspok magnetophotobaroteraphy apparatus configuration (scheme)

The Androspok magnetophotobaroteraphy apparatus



Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland; one of the most common diseases of the reproductive system in men (according to different data, it occurs in 15 – 35% of men). Usually occurs at the age of 30 – 50.

Effects of the “AndroSPOK” physiotherapeutic device in the treatment of chronic non-infectious prostatitis:

— pronounced anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects and, as a consequence:

  • normalization of urination;
  • increase in the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • analgesic effect;

— elimination of venous stagnation in small pelvis with the intensification of microcirculation and regional blood circulation, improvement of rheological properties (decrease of viscosity) of blood and increase in the level of tissues trophic supply (cell nutrition) and intracellular regeneration;

— activation of metabolism in cells and increase in their functional activity;

— reflexogenic effect (change in the functioning of organs as a result of direct influence on sensitive nerve endings) on the functional activity of the genitourinary system.

Through its pulsed magnetic field, the “AndroSPOK” device has effect on blood, tissues of the penis and pelvic organs, improves local and general immunity, stimulates blood circulation in the area of the prostate gland (the depth of penetration of the magnetic field — up to 10 cm).

The role of physiotherapy in the treatment of prostatitis

The systematic use of the “AndroSPOK” device reduces the severity of chronic prostatitis symptoms (pain, inappropriate urination, short sexual intercourse, reduced libido and/or erectile dysfunction). The overall health is improved, the general and local immunity is increased, the correct work of all organ systems is stimulated.

“AndroSPOK” is a patented medical technology,
meets the requirements of international standards



Declaration of conformity with the Council Directive 93/42/EEC “Medical devices, devices, equipment»


The device reduces the risk of exacerbation and the likelihood of complications. The use of the “AndroSPOK” device in complex therapy enhances the effect of drugs (pharmacodynamics improves), and the achieved result lasts longer.

“AndroSPOK” device use pattern in the treatment of chronic prostatitis takes 3 — 3.5 weeks; standard physiotherapy treatment using the “AndroSPOK” device consists of 12 procedures. To achieve a sustainable positive effect, it is recommended to repeat physical therapy after 1.5 — 2 months; it is possible to increase the number of procedures within the treatment course — up to 30 procedures.

Attention! Physical therapy is not used in acute prostatitis!

About disease

In most cases (80 – 90%) the disease has a non-infectious nature and is associated with stagnation of secretion in the prostate gland due to the lack of active and regular sexual life, sedentary lifestyle, hypothermia.

At the heart of the development of both infectious and stagnant prostatitis is the violation of blood circulation in the prostate gland, which, as a rule, is due to non-regular sexual life, sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse. In turn, circulatory disorders in the pelvic organs can create favorable conditions for infection of the prostate gland.

Prostatitis can be acute and chronic. Chronic form of disease occurs for a long time with alternating periods of exacerbations and remissions. Acute prostatitis is characterized by more severe complaints.

Symptoms of acute prostatitis:

— fever;

— severe pain in the perineum and pelvic area, over the pubis;

— inability to urinate, pain when urinating;

— poor overall health;

— marked decrease in potency, etc.

The severity of these symptoms usually makes patients consult a doctor.

In chronic prostatitis, the course of the disease is more often subclinical; symptoms may be absent or unexpressed, and therefore very often ignored by the patient.

All symptoms of prostatitis can be divided into three groups:

  1. Pain syndrome.

Pain (sometimes discomfort) of different localization and intensity. The pain can be localized in the prostate (perineum), scrotum or testicles, extend to the lower lumbar region. Very often, the onset of the disease is evidenced by the appearance of a pulling pain in the head of the penis after ejaculation.

  1. Lower urinary tract symptoms.

The “symptoms of the lower urinary tract” mean the weak urine stream, difficult urinating (incomplete emptying of the urinary bladder, the need to exert oneself during urination), painful urination.

  1. Decrease in potency and/or change in the duration of sexual intercourse.

Sometimes in chronic prostatitis the following symptoms are observed:

— decrease in sexual desire (libido) caused by the general painful condition;

— deterioration or — rarely — complete disappearance of erection;

— change in the duration of sexual intercourse (usually – fast (premature) ejaculation, sometimes a significant lengthening of sexual intercourse);

— change in the nature of sexual sensations (reduced orgasm brightness).

The role of physiotherapy in the treatment of prostatitis
Erectile dysfunction treatment
Premature ejaculation treatment
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