Local vacuum magnetophototherapy device “AndroSPOK” is an effective device used as part of complex non-surgical treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

Local vacuum magnetophototherapy device “AndroSPOK” is an effective device used as treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and chronic prostatitis (manufacturer: “Magnomed” ALC, Republic of Belarus).

The Androspok magnetophotobaroteraphy apparatus configuration (scheme)

The Androspok magnetophotobaroteraphy apparatus configuration (scheme)

The Androspok magnetophotobaroteraphy apparatus



Erectile dysfunction (copulative dysfunction, impotence) is the inability to achieve and/or maintain erection (penis excitation) sufficient to satisfy sexual activity. It is one of the most common sexual health disorders in men. It is well treatable at competent approach.

Erectile dysfunction leads to the development of anxiety, self-doubt and even depression, significantly reducing the quality of life of both patients and their family members. Erectile dysfunction leads to a decrease in the quality of life regardless of the causes thereof. The disease is accompanied by a feeling of physical and emotional dissatisfaction, and hence a decrease in the feeling of joy.


After reading this article to the end, you will learn how you can significantly increase the potency and the duration of sexual intercourse and at the same time:

—not to waste money and time on endless visits to clinics and medical centers;

—not to take large quantities of drugs (which are either ineffective or expensive, or have pronounced negative side effects).



Advantages of the “AndroSPOK” magnetic photobarotherapy device in the treatment of erectile dysfunction:

improvement of potency without medication; magnetic photobarotherapy – patented device method for treating sexual disorders (some men have a positive effect already after 1 – 2 procedures, most after 6 — 8 procedures);

— in case of course application of the device (10 or more procedures with a frequency of at least 3 times a week), the effect is maintained for a long time — on average, for 2 to 3 months; treatment courses should be repeated every 6-8 weeks;

— during the procedure there are no unpleasant sensations and negative side effects;

narrow list of contraindications:



  1. Acute inflammation.
  2. Malignant neoplasms (with the exception of rehabilitation techniques).
  3. Neoplasms requiring surgical treatment.
  4. Vascular disease decompensation.
  5. Chronic somatic pathology decompensation.
  6. Systemic blood disease; anticoagulant treatment.


  1. Inguinal or inguinoscrotal hernia.
  2. Varicose veins of the spermatic cord stages 2 and 3;
  3. Thrombophlebitis of the pelvic or lower extremity veins;
  4. Phimosis and paraphimosis;
  5. Acute inflammatory diseases of the external genitalia.

combined effects on the body: prevention and treatment of prostatitis and/or premature ejaculation; improvement of overall health and working efficiency; strengthening of general and local immunity;

— to use the device it is enough to read the manual; no special knowledge is required;

warranty period — 3 years; lifetime is not limited — “AndroSPOK” will replace the drugs for potency for many years or significantly reduce their dosage if taken;

“AndroSPOK” is a patented medical technology, meets the requirements of European and international standards.


Thus, “AndroSPOK” is a safe and effective device method of erectile dysfunction treating; “AndroSPOK” can be used as an independent non-drug method of treatment, and in comprehensive treatment of:

erectile dysfunction of various etiologies in men of any age;

erectile dysfunction in elderly men on the background of atherosclerosis, as well as the signs of cavernous fibrosis;

erectile dysfunction in patients after radical prostatectomy (after surgical treatment of prostate cancer);

— erectile dysfunction and reduced sensitivity in patients with diabetes mellitus;

rapid ejaculation (short sexual intercourse) against the background of sexual dysrhythmia and/or prostatitis/urethritis/vesiculitis.

The use of device methods of treatment is appropriate in the comprehensive treatment of severe forms of erectile dysfunction (for example, erectile dysfunction after a radical prostatectomy).

The use of the “AndroSPOK” device allows achieving and maintaining maximum hardness of the penis during erection, to increase the length and diameter of the penis.

The use of device (non-drug) methods of treatment of sexual problems contributes to the mobilization of internal reserves of the body, which significantly increases the duration of the positive effect and reduces the patient’s dependence on drugs.

High efficiency of the “AndroSPOK” device in the treatment of erectile dysfunction due to a combination of three factors of physical impact: low-frequency pulsed magnetotherapy, phototherapy (use of polarized light of visible and infrared ranges), vacuum therapy.


Effects of “AndroSPOK” physiotherapeutic device in the treatment of erectile dysfunction:

— significant increase in the hardness of the penis during erection (throughout sexual intercourse);

restoration (normalization) of the sensitivity of the penis;

— increase in the intensity of sexual response (erection comes quickly and more often);

— there may be some increase in the size of the penis due to stretching of cavernous bodies and improving blood filling.

The therapeutic effect in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is achieved due to the effect of physiotherapeutic factors used in the “AndroSPOK” device:

— vascular distention and increased arterial blood flow;

— activation of microcirculation and blood circulation in the penis and in nearby organs;

— restoration of endothelial function (changes in the functional state of the vascular endothelium, improved vascular elasticity);

—improvement in rheological properties — reducing blood viscosity;

— strengthening of trophic tissue supply (cell nutrition), activation of intracellular regeneration;

— activation of cell metabolism and increase in their functional activity;

— increased oxygenation (increased saturation of the penile tissue with oxygen);

— reflexogenic effect of magnetic and phototherapy on the functional activity of the genitourinary system (changes in organ function as a result of direct influence of physical factors on sensitive nerve endings);

— training of penis vessels and cavernous bodies due to their cyclic filling with blood;

— improved neuromuscular conduction.

Chronic prostatitis
Premature ejaculation
Peyronie`s disease
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