The price of “AndroSPOK” device is 495 USDAt this price the device is delivered in a cardboard box (see photos below).


It is possible to buy the “AndroSPOK” in impact-resistant plastic case (see photos below). In this case the price is 540 USD


The packaging doesn`t connect with functionality of the device, it is only a matter of convenient storage and safe transportation.

The kit includes a user`s manual (in Russian and English languages) and recommendations for medical use of the “AndroSPOK” device (in Russian and English languages).


Shipping is paid separately and can range from 35 USD to 50 USD depending on the country and packaging/weight. Delivery is carried out by express international mail “EMS”. Parcel waiting time usually is 5 – 7 days.

For use in North America, you will need an adapter to plug european equipment into an outlet.

If you want to buy or if you need consultation please inform us by e-mail:




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