The role of physical therapy in the treatment of prostatitis is difficult to overestimate. Physical methods of influence allow optimizing the delivery of drugs to the abnormal focus, significantly enhance the pharmacological effects of drugs and significantly prolong their effect, as well as have an independent therapeutic effect. In this case, as an independent method of treatment of chronic prostatitis, physiotherapy is rarely used, although it can be effective in the early stages of the disease (venous stagnation in the pelvis, stagnation of secretion in the prostate gland). In addition, monotherapy with physical methods can be helpfully used during remission to reduce the risk of exacerbations and complications and to improve overall health.

In the presence of severe acute inflammatory processes that can be observed during periods of exacerbation, physiotherapy is contraindicated.

Among the factors used in physical medicine, the magnetic field is considered to be the most attractive and promising.

First, the magnetic field is the only field that penetrates almost without weakening through the body tissues, which allows a direct impact on the abnormal focus or organ.

Secondly, the magnetic field does not require contact methods of influence, which expands the possibilities of its practical use.

Third, this method is one of the most physiological types of therapy, which minimizes adverse reactions and side effects.

Fourth, the magnetic field in physiotherapy is well combined with other physical factors and has the least number of contraindications (for example, in “AndroSPOK” physiotherapeutic complex (producer: “Magnomed” ALC, Republic of Belarus) magnetic field is combined with optical polarized influence of visible and infrared ranges (phototherapy) and local negative pressure). Therefore, it is not surprising that magnetic fields are widely and successfully used in the treatment of many diseases, including the treatment of chronic prostatitis, prostatic vesiculitis, urethritis and other inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

Local vacuum magnetophototherapy device “AndroSPOK” is an effective device used as part of complex non-surgical treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

Local vacuum magnetophototherapy device “AndroSPOK” is an effective apparatus used as treatment and prevention of prostatitis, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The Androspok magnetophotobaroteraphy apparatus configuration (scheme)

The Androspok magnetophotobaroteraphy apparatus configuration (scheme)

“AndroSPOK” physiotherapeutic complex is intended for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the genital system (urethritis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, etc.), and also for the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation



Inflammation of the prostate gland is a widespread disease in men. The disease is characterized by the presence of more or less pronounced inflammation, pain syndrome, urination disorders, weakening of sexual desire. Such symptoms have a depressing effect on the well-being of men in general. This weakens the immune system, resulting in reduced endurance and working efficiency. Like any other disease associated with painful and other unpleasant symptoms, prostatitis reduces the quality of life, which can affect the quality of sex. With the development of edema of the inflamed prostate gland, premature ejaculation (rapid ejaculation) may occur during sexual intercourse, while the feeling of orgasm fades.

Practical application of magnetotherapy in the treatment of prostatitis is based on the following knowledge:

  • main therapeutic effects of this method of physical exposure;
  • pathogenesis and most important symptoms (syndromes) of the disease;
  • sensitivity of target systems to impact.

Main significant effects of magnetotherapy in the treatment of prostatitis are as follows:

  • decongestant (reduces swelling of the prostate gland);
  • anesthetic;
  • immunocorrecting (boosts the immune system);
  • vasoregulatory (normalizes vascular tone and improves blood circulation);
  • trophico-regenerative (against the background of normalization of blood circulation nutrition and renewal of cells and tissues is enhanced; regardless of the cause of tissue damage, significantly accelerates the healing and restoration of normal anatomy and organ function);
  • anti-inflammatory.

Magnetic fields create conditions for self-organization of functional complexes, activate adaptive mechanisms and thus contribute to a positive therapeutic effect. The development of certain therapeutic effects depends not only on the parameters of the magnetic field, but also on the number of procedures. Thus, for the manifestation of trophico-regenerative, anti-inflammatory, persistent vasodilator effects a course of magnetic therapy is required (8 – 12 or more procedures). After the course of magnetic therapy, achieved therapeutic changes persist for a long time (up to 3 months).

Types of magnetic therapy in prostatitis.

Depending on the volume and localization of exposure, there are general and local methods of magnetic therapy. This division is conditional, since any local procedure is accompanied by general reactions of the body.

In case of general magnetotherapy the entire body is exposed (or most of it). This method deserves to be used for those diseases in the treatment of which it is important to exercise influence over the general condition of the body, where the correction of the interaction between its systems is necessary, as well as an active influence on the adaptation processes, general and immunological reactivity of the body, metabolism and blood circulation. Chronic prostatitis is one of such diseases. For the general methods of magnetic therapy, permanent units equipped with solenoids or electromagnets of large size are used (devices “Neocontrol”, “Magnitoturbotron”, “Vacumed” etc.).

Such units are characterized by high energy consumption, are very expensive by themselves and in operation and are practically not available for individual use at home.

It is to more rational to use devices in which the inductors are made by the type of a mat or a blanket (for example, “UniSPOK” apparatus, manufacturer: “Magnomed” ALC, Republic of Belarus). “UniSPOK” refers to professional medical equipment and is also not available for individual use at home.

In clinical medicine, the following techniques are more common: local (focal) therapy to the abnormal focus or on cutaneous projection, on specific areas of the body (for example, in case of prostatitis effects on the genitals are possible (“AndroSPOK”, “Magnomed” ALC), on the perineum (inductor “NevrSPOK” in the device “UniSPOK”, “Magnomed” ALC), devices of “Seta” series, etc.) directly on the prostate gland (rectal inductor in devices “UniSPOK”, “ProSPOK” or analogues).

Local magnetotherapy is mainly used to provide anti-inflammatory and trophico-stimulating actions, which is important in prostatitis. With local magnetic therapy, the therapeutic effect, not inferior to general magnetic therapy, can be achieved by increasing the induction of the magnetic field, increasing the duration of exposure and the number of procedures.

Examples of local magnetic therapy are intracavitary (intraorgan) procedures: for example, in the treatment of chronic prostatitis rectal inductors can be used, which are introduced into the rectum. These procedures usually require the participation of a medical professional and are not suitable for all patients. Examples of magnetotherapy devices for local effects on the prostate gland are devices “ProSPOK”, “MagnoPROST”, “Andro-gin”, “Mavit”. The above devices differ in their technical characteristics, functionality and price.

“ProSPOK” device — example of equipment for local intracavitary magnetotherapy (manufacturer: “Magnomed” ALC, Republic of Belarus)

In the treatment of prostatitis and other diseases (vesiculitis, erectile dysfunction or impotence, cystitis, urethritis, etc.) at home, “”AndroSPOK” magnetolaserotherapy device is well established.

Лечение простатита, лечение эректильной дисфункции, лечение преждевременной эякуляции, лечение болезни Пейрони, профилактика мужских болезней

“AndroSPOK” device

This device uses an inductor-solenoid which is not inferior in its properties and technical characteristics to the inductors used in the “UniSPOK” or “ProSPOK” devices. “AndroSPOK” provides a combined effect on the male body, and from the point of view of convenience and safety of use even surpasses the devices in which rectal inductors are used.

First, “AndroSPOK” device ensures treatment of blood with magnetic field and polarized light. This changes the properties of blood and strengthens the general condition of the body, increases the general and local immunity. The use of magnetic therapy and polarized light in combination with cyclic local vacuum effect on the genitals allows processing at least 1.5 liters of blood (1/3 of the total volume in the body) during 1 procedure.

Here is what is said about this in the patent leaflet issued to the developers of the “AndroSPOK” device in the USA Patent and Trademark Office (see more HERE):

«In addition, such an intensive and combined effect on blood circulating the organ during the procedure is similar to the blood treatment by exfusion. It is noteworthy that a portion of blood which is actually treated over the entire procedure in the effective volume due to erection, is then flows through a body and produces therapeutic effect on other organs, thereby substantially stimulating functioning of all organs and improving the body resistance to other diseases».

Second, the magnetic field of the inductor in the “AndroSPOK” device has a direct effect on the prostate gland and nearby organs. This is provided both by the shape of the magnetic field, and due to the magnetic properties of the human body (living tissue, for example, blood or nerves contain magnetosensitive particles, which enhances the effect of the magnetic field and allows it to reach the abnormal focus).

Combined effect on the entire male body (through the blood) provides a sufficiently rapid onset of effect of treatment. For example, the reduction of pain and improvement of function of urination in the treatment of prostatitis may occur after 5 – 6 procedures using the “AndroSPOK” device. Sometimes in the treatment of stagnant prostatitis, a noticeable positive result is observed even after 2 to 3 procedures. However, to achieve a sustainable positive effect associated with the restoration of the normal functioning of the prostate gland, it is necessary to conduct a course of treatment: at least 12 procedures per course with regular repetition of courses every 6 to 8 weeks.

Through a pulsed magnetic field, the “AndroSPOK” device has an effect on the penis and pelvic organs, stimulates blood circulation in the area of the prostate

Third, the “AndroSPOK” device is effective in the treatment of diseases complicating prostatitis. In particular, the prevention of impotence and the restoration of erectile function, as well as the treatment of premature ejaculation are some of the main indications for the use of magnetophotobarotherapy.

Thus, the “AndroSPOK” device is indicated for use in the treatment of subacute and chronic prostatitis, since it:

— provides pronounced anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects;

— stimulates the restoration of damaged prostate tissue;

— has a restorative effect on the male body;

— increases blood circulation in the pelvic organs;

— increases local and general immunity.

Chronic prostatitis
Premature ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction
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